Why Buy Certified Tape Media

Four Reasons to Buy Certified Tape Media from DTC

Our DTC Certified tape media products come with a 30 day un-conditional money-back guarantee, as well as an unlimited lifetime warranty against defects. All media are fully inspected for physical damage and excessive wear. Also, all media must pass our proprietary software testing process. Any media not meeting DTC’s appearance or performance standards are degaussed and recycled. DTC has been providing this service and warranty for over 45 years. We are currently reaching 96% of our 100% ReUse Goal.

DTC Certified tape media products work and act just like new tapes. Resellers are able to confidently provide a quality product to their customers backed by DTC’s guarantee. This savings compared to new tape products has greatly improved our reseller customers’ profit margins many times over.

DTC Certified tape media protocols meet or exceed manufacturer specs. We test every tape every time, and our defect rates meet or exceed the returns even of new media. We are re-using 10’s of 1000’s of pounds of tape media monthly; saving our landfills, air quality, and the overall environment.

DTC’s innovative Phoenix Rejuvenation Process removes load marks, smudges, and small scratches from tape cartridges. Any tape media passing our Phoenix Process will look like new, as well perform like new. Photos are available for all tape media in stock; as well as packaging for all types. What do you have to lose?