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Cisco Network Maintenance

Networks are the circulatory and nervous system of your datacenter. While individual components may be relatively simple, the network as a whole is a universe unto itself and can be a maddeningly complex support assignment. It doesn’t help that in the networking space, even the OEMs don’t provide onsite technicians; you either find a solid network support provider or you have to do it yourself.

Server-Maintenance-BannerOur solutions are available for Cisco™ across a wide variety of network components including routers, switches, security devices, access points and directors. Our support solution gives you the flexibility to mix and match SLAs by device, delivering low-cost shared maintenance on commodity components and higher-level onsite support for those elements of your network that actually need it. This win-win scenario means you aren’t stuck sorting out frustrating problems with critical components on your own, but you’re also not on the hook for across-the-board support you don’t need.Our flexibly combines call center, NOC monitoring, analysis, triage, and multi-platform support services, with onsite hardware break-fix services and shared phone helpdesk options to tailor solutions to meet customer needs. We have a monitoring option specifically designed as an alternative to Cisco SmartNet™.Storage-Hardware-Maintenance-Banner


Do I need an alternative to Cisco SmartNet™?

While it may be a great fit for some companies, and on some components, the problem with SmartNet subscriptions is that they are billed automatically on all devices unless you specifically decline it. So you pay for continuous coverage on all systems, even if you never need a patch on your hundreds or thousands of devices over the subscription term. How often have you updated the firmware on your router at home? Systems in the datacenter may need even less patching than that. Cisco doesn’t encourage customers to take a moment to consider this before signing up, but there’s a potential for significant savings and an improvement in the service levels actually received if the one-size-fits-all of SmartNet doesn’t happen to be your size.  

Support Maintenance Coverage

The critical issue when it comes to network maintenance is striking the proper balance between a self-supported, risk management approach and fully outsourced onsite maintenance at the device level. It doesn’t make sense to pay for continuous high-availability support on commodity networking components, but downtime on high-end network security devices and directors can be crippling. We are happy to offer the obvious solution – flexible support levels by device, new or legacy, proactive or reactive, on the same contract. Enjoy full-featured onsite maintenance coverage where it makes sense, including 24x7x365 NOC monitoring, golden image configuration burn-downs and other top-end care options – but pay a lower price for reactive coverage on commodity devices. Your business benefits from the simple ease of one point of contact for hardware and IOS patches, and proactive care of your most critical components. This alternative saves you the cost of paying for 12 months of SmartNet on all devices across all your datacenters – you can calculate this price and see for yourself whether or not it’s worth it. For most companies, it’s both more cost-effective and more service-oriented to only pay for coverage you want and need. Your network hardware and IOS maintenance will (finally) be dialed in so that the service you receive matches the fees you pay for it. You can get more than Cisco on the devices that need more than Cisco can provide, and you need not be tied to SmartNet for 12 months on every single device. Our solution facilitates all critical patches, and if you do want an optional patch offered by Cisco, you only need to purchase a SmartNet agreement at that time, on that device. Our service is available across the US and around the globe, primarily serving North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific including Australia. We offer four levels of support service depending on whether your needs are reactive or proactive.  

Supported Product Families

Supported platforms include EMC Clariion, Symmetrix, Connectrix and DMX series models, NetApp Filers and most Sun STK models. The platforms we support range from simple attached storage appliances to large, robotic-assist models and include:  



Access Points

Security Devices
Cisco 500, 800 7200, 7300, 7500, 7600 series
Catalyst Express 500 & 520 series
500 Series Wireless Express
ASA 5500 & Catalyst 6500 Firewall Device Series
Series 1800, 2800, 3200 & 3800 integrated services routers
3560 & 3750 E-series switches, 2350, 2940, 2950, 2955, 2960, 2975, 3550, 3560 switches
1100, 1140, 1200 & 1250 Aironet series
Adaptive SDM, IP Solution mgr, PIX Device Mgr, Security Mgr, Router & Security Device Mgr, IOS Firewall
Series 1700 Modular Access Routers
Series 4500, 4900 & 6500 Ethernet switches
Cisco Small Business Wireless Access Points (Linksys Business Series)
Application Optimization and Security, Email Security, EndPoint Security, Identity Management Services
Series 2600, 3600, and 3700 Multiservice Platforms
Series 2400, 3400 & 3400E  Ethernet access switches
Intrusion Prevention, Device Management, VPN clients & appliances and Web security devices
Catalyst 6500 Series Switches
Small Business Managed, Smart and Unmanaged switches (Linksys Business Series)
Catalyst Series 4000, 4500, 5000, 6000 & 6500 series supervisor engines
17xx, 26xx, 3xxx series routers and much more


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