Unix Servers and Mainframes

UNIX Servers and Mainframes – Hardware and OS Maintenance

Server systems are the heart of the data center, and we ensure that servers work. Our customers choose us as an alternative to OEM server support for a variety of compelling reasons:

  • Total life cycle support – from new to 20+ years past end of service life. You decide how long to keep your systems, not the OEM.
  • Personalized SLA coverage – mix and match service levels on the same contract. No more one-size-fits-all OEM blankets.
  • Broad server system support – from commodity wintel blades through the most complex IBM System z™ mainframes, our engineers bring nearly two decades of experience to bear on every server maintenance ticket.
  • Multiple brands on one contract – One point of contact convenience, multi-certified engineer expertise and guaranteed maintenance interoperability. Co-terminate your add-on systems and enjoy flexible adds and deletes midstream.
  • Operating System Support – far beyond the bare metal break-fix of other third party maintainers. our certified engineers support a variety of common server Unix-based operating systems including IBM AIX®, HP-UX®, MPE/iX®, OpenVMS®, Tru64®, SGI® and most versions of Solaris®.
  • Maintenance transition plan in every proposal – a clear road map to get from the current state of your server maintenance to our standard without pitfalls or mistaken assumptions from either side. You’ll see what the future looks like before you decide, and control the benchmarks for success.
  • Abundant reporting and personalized maintenance performance reviews – to the point that hardware maintenance becomes a data asset to inform decisions, benchmark operational norms and avoid under performing systems in future purchases.
  • Convenient, fully transparent, cloud-based maintenance hub – you see what we see in our proprietary online support ticketing tool, giving you the ability to open, view, escalate or close incidents from any internet-connected device. Phone and email are also always available so you can work the way you like.
  • Toll Free:   800-700-7683
  • Phone:      909-466-7680